iPhone 6s ESR case review

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is on the good and trust ESR iPhone case review.

If you didn’t know, I recently received the iPhone 6s rose gold for my birthday, which I am extremely grateful for! The first thing to tackle with my new iPhone was to find a protective, yet stylish, phone case. I sat down for a few hours, searching the Internet when I finally found the perfect case. It was from the brand ESR which I had never heard of until now. So I thought I would give it a try, ordering it to get it by Christmas Eve. The specific case and design is like the one below:

If you like this particular case the link is below. 🙂

When the case arrived it was amazingly packaged! It came in their own branded box with information and guarantees, covered in bubble wrap and then covered in a secure cardboard box. I was astounded by the quality that the packaging came in which is better than just thrown into a plastic bag.

When I took it out of the packaging the case was not damaged or scratched.

The silicone of the case was flexible but strong which I think is great for protecting your phone. As a bonus they gave you a flap at the bottom of the case which you can insert into the charging dock to protect that which I particularly liked.

The overall product I was really happy with. I have had it on my phone for around 2 months and it has kept my phone protected and no signs of wear have occurred. 

I will definitely continue to carry on purchasing my cases from this brand. 

If you like my case design the link for it is below:


They do may other designs and cases for different models and I would definitely reccomend them! 

Talk to you soon,

Larelle xxx



What’s on my iPhone 6s rose gold?!

Hello everyone, today I have a slightly different post than my normal beauty, fashion related posts. I have a what’s on my iPhone 6s! My iPhone 6s is in rose gold and I have had it for around 2 months now and I love it as I previously had the iPhone 4s. 

My first page on my phone is:

Phone, calendar, photos, camera, weather, clock, maps, videos, notes, reminders, iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks, news, health and settings.

Along the bottom I have:

Messages, Safari, mail and music.

On my second page I have:

FaceTime, calculator, podcasts and Game Center.

In my ‘💁🏻’ folder I have all the random apps that Apple puts on there that you can’t delete.

On my last page I have:

The ‘📱🌎’ folder~

This folder consists of mostly social apps.

Instagram, Pinterest, snapchat, YouTube, Netflix, OWA ( my school email) and Twitter.

The ‘🎮👾’ folder~ 

This is my little games folder.

Temple run 2, piano tiles 2, mine craft PE and Covet (which you should definitely check out and my name is “lar3lle” on there)
So I hope you enjoyed what was on my iPhone and if you have any questions please let me know. You probably hear this a billion times but I’m not trying to brag in any way shape or form and I am extremely grateful for my phone!

Talk to you soon,

(Ps. If you want my background it down below 😊)

Lar3lle xxx