Your future


Hello everyone,

I have reached the point in my life where some big decisions need to be made and these decisions could determine the rest of my future.

I have GCSE’s on the way and I need to make a decision on what I would like to take. Obviously I am taking core subjects as you have no choice and I am lucky enough to be in top set for all of these. Along with this I have been offered to take triple science which I have accepted meaning I will have to learn even more topics then the standard GCSE in the same amount of time which is definitely going to be a big challenge however I am determined to push through and get the highest mark possible.

On a different note I have to decide what options I would like to take. Now I feel as though I am quite a creative person and would hate to be stuck behind a desk with a shed-load of paperwork this is why I am leaning towards a career in design. The options I am stuck between is an interior designer and fashion designer along with this I am considering taking ‘Art and design’ , ‘Fashion and textiles’ and French as my options. For art and design there is a lot of coursework involved with high standards. Although this is intimidating I feel as though I am going to work through it and achieve my dream career.

I am sorry this was a rambly post with no real point but I would like to start keeping you guys updated about what’s going on.

If anyone has any information or advice on these design careers please let me know.

Talk soon,

Larissa xoxo