What’s in my schoolbag

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is a what’s in my schoolbag. I was unsure whether or not this would be an interesting post but I thought oh well might as well give it ago.

To start of I have a floral white back pack from super dry (the one in the picture above) and I absolutely adore it. It’s the perfect size to store all your necessities and books in as well as being the perfect size to carry around. So I would definitely reccomend that one.

1) I always carry a pack of gum on me and my favourite flavour at the moment is wriggley’s bubblegum.

2) my pencil case (quite an obvious one)

3) My hairbrush as you never know what sort of weather conditions you may have to face that day and when your hair needs a bit of a fix.

4) my planner as I tend to record all my homework and notes in there.

5) my keys to enter my house 🙂

6) my headphones to listen to music when I’m allowed throughout the day.

7) my memory stick for homework purposes.

8) My purse for money to buy food at lunch.

9) Deodrant for when I have Pe lessons.

10) Lipbalm as my lips have been getting quite dry throughout the day lately.

That’s about it apart from I may have the few odd books here and there from some classes. 

I hope you found that doe what interesting and as always if you have any questions just leave a comment.

Talk to you soon,

Larelle xxx


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