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Hello everyone, today’s post is all about we heart it!

I am extremely excited to share this with you guys as it has been one of those things which I have been obsessing over recently.

If you have never heard of we heart it, it is a visual social media site where you can post photos, like peoples photos, make collections, follow other people and so much more. The thing that I love most about it is, the way you can post pictures and people will like them. That makes you feel so happy, knowing that you have inspired someone enough to like your photo and add it to their collection for many others to see.

I have been using we heart it for around four days now and I am absoloutly head over heels for it. Beforehand I was obssessed with pinterest which is a pretty similar concept to we heart it. I still love pinterest and still use it however the thing that attracts me more to we heart it is mostly the layout and I feel as it is still quite new you are going to be getting the most updated pictures as well as people who are constantly posting and do not have a two year old account that they haven’t deactivated yet.

Being a teenager myself, I personally think it has the most up to date content for me as well as it having pictures of things that are on trend right now. And as I mentioned before, it has a beautiful layout and as there are so many active users, when you post a photo and people start to like it, it does make you feel good inside.

I posted a picture that was of a gorgeous dusty pink eye make-up look and I was outstounded to find out that it had gained 720+ likes the next morning! It made me feel great and kept me motivated to post more even if only one person likes it, it still makes you feel as though you are sharing things you like with the world and someone out there shares the same views as you.

At first I didn’t know quite how much i would be in love with this social platform but it amazed me and i dont think i will be leaving it anytime soon. I probably should have known I would adore it as I love, Pinterest, Instagram, etc, which are all visual, picture social- media sites.

So if you have not yet got yourself a we heart it account yet, I would highly reccomend going and getting one right now.

I apologise for the slightly rambly post, which probably contained the letter ‘I’ way to many times, but I hope it inspired you to try it out. If you would like to check what I have been posting on we heart it recently, my name is:

Style Inspo  @stylistic_inspo

Talk to you soon,

Larelle xxx



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