iPhone 6s ESR case review

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is on the good and trust ESR iPhone case review.

If you didn’t know, I recently received the iPhone 6s rose gold for my birthday, which I am extremely grateful for! The first thing to tackle with my new iPhone was to find a protective, yet stylish, phone case. I sat down for a few hours, searching the Internet when I finally found the perfect case. It was from the brand ESR which I had never heard of until now. So I thought I would give it a try, ordering it to get it by Christmas Eve. The specific case and design is like the one below:

If you like this particular case the link is below. 🙂

When the case arrived it was amazingly packaged! It came in their own branded box with information and guarantees, covered in bubble wrap and then covered in a secure cardboard box. I was astounded by the quality that the packaging came in which is better than just thrown into a plastic bag.

When I took it out of the packaging the case was not damaged or scratched.

The silicone of the case was flexible but strong which I think is great for protecting your phone. As a bonus they gave you a flap at the bottom of the case which you can insert into the charging dock to protect that which I particularly liked.

The overall product I was really happy with. I have had it on my phone for around 2 months and it has kept my phone protected and no signs of wear have occurred. 

I will definitely continue to carry on purchasing my cases from this brand. 

If you like my case design the link for it is below:


They do may other designs and cases for different models and I would definitely reccomend them! 

Talk to you soon,

Larelle xxx



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