5 quick and easy hairstyles

Hello everyone, today’s post is slightly different from my others however I hope it is still helpful and enjoyable as today I’m sharing 5 quick and easy hairstyles for any occasion.

1: half up-half down

The half up – half down hairstyle is one of my favourites as all you need to take to half inch to an inch pieces from the front of your face, pulling them round your head to the back and then tying it off with a hair tie. To change up the look you can follow the exact same steps except when you tie off fold the small ponytail within itself to change it up.

2: volumised pony

The volumised ponytail is really simple. Tie your hair into a normal ponytail then take layers from underneath and back comb them slightly, add a bit of hairspray and your done!

3: the Hun

The Hun is another half up – half down style apart from when you have got your small ponytail you wrap and twist it around itself to create a small bun.

4: the side braid

The side braid is one of the easiest of the styles. All you do is father all your hair to your desired side of your head then start to braid it. The fun thing about this is that you can switch up the braid from original to French braid to fishtail and more. If you are unsure on how to braid YouTube and Pinterest have really easy tutorials to follow.

5: the crown braid

All you need to do is take a half inch to an inch piece of hair from the bottom layer of your hair behind your earns start to braid it (a braid of your choice). Once you have done that you take the braid across the top of your head and Bobby pin it in place behind your ear.

I hope this was helpful to you and don’t forget you can change up these styles in any way you like.

Talk to you soon,

Lar3lle xxx


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