10 facts about me

Hello everyone, quite a small post today however I thought it would be fun and allow you to get to know me better.

1) I am a contemporary and jazz dancer

2) I want to work in the fashion industry

3) I am 5ft 3

4) my name is Larissa

5) my favourite food is raspberry roulade

6) I have an iPhone 6s rose gold (I’m not bragging in anyway and I’m very grateful for it)

7) vouge is my favourite magazine

8) my 2016 goals are to grow this blog

9) I have two hamsters called Ozzie and biscuits 

10) I live in England

So u hope you enjoyed and I want to know some facts about you so please leave a comment if you want I’d live to know a bit about you to (did that sound a bit creepy I’m sorry if it did haha)

Talk to you soon,

Lar3lle xxx


4 thoughts on “10 facts about me

    • lar3lle says:

      Thank you. I’m a contemporary and jazz dancer and yes we do have some nice costumes! I will definitely like to share some with you soon! Xx


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