How to style a uniform

As we may know not all uniforms are a pleasant sight whether that’s to do with a job or to do with school. However there is a solution to this problem and that is to style. You may be thinking I can already style my uniform or how is that possible or there is a strict uniform code but there is no excuse. I’m sure within this list you will find a tip that will help you.

1) skirts~

A way to help the look of a uniform is to swap out the skirt for a different style. For example if you currently wear a black pleated skirt, why not buy your self a black skater skirt that way you are still wearing a black skirt apart from it not having pleats.

2) shoes~

Shoes are a great way to re-vamp a uniform as most uniform codes consist of: the shoes must be black and without heels. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of that as there are many gorgeous shoes out there that have no heel and are black. For example black ballerinas or black brogues.

3) make- up ~

your probably thinking how is make up going to help a uniform. Well I’m here to tell you it completely does. If you compare someone with a bare face to one that has concealed blemish and added a bit of colour to their features, you immediately notice the whole outfit is lifted and doesn’t look as dull anymore.

So I hope you enjoyed those little tips and they help you out!

Talk to you soon,

Lar3lle xxx


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